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This blog contains text posts, biology, almost no fandom, a large amount of fantasy, larp, rpgs and attractive people. Oh, and dumb text posts.

I live in London on the weekends and a just outside a town called Warrington in the week.

My partner is tumblr user buffythevampiresleigher.

I play and run a lot of tabletop RPGS. Details of which and other things related to tabletop gaming can be found at check4traps.tumblr.com


Have some Zoids!

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Jace Beleren Vs. The World by Sarikyou.

I really need to go to sleep

but i just found out that super boy is lex luthor and superman’s biological child

this shits intense

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Did I ever mention that time me and my friends combined forces to form Will Smith?



do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system

HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha please help us

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*starts a fire in my kitchen*

*starts fire in my bedroom*

Omfg. Um. Hello there.

*Starts a fire in my pants!!!*

*gets trapped in lift*

The best part is that there’s a fairly decent chance, given the background of the photo (dry wilderness and scrub brush) that the firefighter in this picture is a Hotshot—

And Hotshots, along with Smoke-Jumpers, are sort of like… Okay. If firefighters are rockstars, Hot-Shots are Queen and Smoke-Jumpers are whatever Tony Stark uses to rev himself up for badassery.

Hotshots are elite firefighters who train extensively and are inserted into high-risk terrain in order to fight the fire on the ground.
In layman’s terms—if there’s a forest fire threatening your house, the hotshots are the dudes digging the fire trenches while whirling beams of fire snap give feet from them.

And then, then, there’s the Smoke-Jumpers. As their name implies, they jump smoke.
In layman’s terms—the fires the hotshots can’t reach by land? Those crazy fuckera PARACHUTE into forest fires.

Because jumping out of a plane isn’t scary enough, they do it in near-zero visibility, through scorching smoke, with the risk that the thermals and currents could blow them right into a burning tree, to pick a landing spot so they can then be in remote backwoods wilderness with minimal hope of rescue if something goes tits up.

So yeah. If this lady’s an urban firefighter she’s a huge badass. But if my guess is right and she’s a more elite unit, then I want to have her gay babies like, yesterday.

Either way, hi, are you available for dinner? Maybe a little wine and dine? 

……I just dig all of this.


BRB - Bring Real Bees

BTW - Bees They’re Wild

BBL - Bees, BEES! Later

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How to spot a nerd: See if they’re wearing this, then take their lunch money

I think you meant, then see if they want to have an in-depth conversation about it. Because taking their lunch money makes you a bully.

And being a bully makes you an asshole.